We Are Disco Doom Revenge

Some people has a one-track mind, a certain a way to see the world and perceive things. in that case, music...

Francisco Esteves, aka Cisco, belongs to this type of people...Musician activist for more than 15 years, his musical approach has always been full, wide, active and this new project, We are disco doom REVENGE, is the proof.

Digital, analog, and human... those are the three basic founding WADD REVENGE, that Francisco like to present as "electro hip hop shoegaze" project. Or why not "down tempo disco dub step" or "post-rock white jazz deviant" ? Anyway it clearly shows the long list of collaborations Cisco started or gave his touch.

We must say Cisco is used to this kind of melting pot ... founding member of the label Dora Dorovitch in 2001, pillar of the experimental band Telefax, co-founder of the webzine Radio Clarknova, initiator of the project Binary Audio Misfits with the Texan collective Word Association (2008).

Today, Francisco take back the road once again, and open a new chapter with We are disco doom REVENGE, enlarging his horizons.

Some people got straight ideas... some form of abnegation that became a way of  life, a way to see the world and perceive things. in that case, music... Francisco  Esteves belongs to this type of people...Musician activist for more than 15 years, his  musical aproach has always been full, wide, active and his new project, We Are Disco Doom Revenge, is the proof.

End of 2011, he joins the circle of Occupy International ( Th'Mole, Dead Prez, Filastine, Sole,... downloads here)

After that he feels like putting a crew together. So he start inviting good wills he stumbled after some web browsing, a concert or a program on the radio...This project take shape and contacts are made in Montreal,Orleans, Austin, Toulouse, Los Angeles... Valencia & Berlin...

Collaborations,remixes and featurings adds up with Ira Lee in a first place, "touching" crowd of
montreal, Th' mole aka Dj 0.00001, from Los Angeles and Chief & the Doomdays
Device, of Word association (Texas). Blending then with the experience Jonah L
Grimey, of Grimey's blog. Republik, Lady Legacy, Mc féminine d'Austin, also some old "friends" Marielle Martin(playdoh), Sylvain Closier (Arca, Angle,
Novö..), and some new ones, as Rabih Gebeile of Backbone Party, Matthieu "Laudanum" Malon...

Bwiti aka Julien Coquentin and the Quark aka Fred Gueguen two photographers joined the project with the graphics. You gotta say Cisco is used to this.

Since the creation of a label, Dora Dorovitch (Discograph), in 2001 (with Cedric Sauvestre and Guilhem Mo his comrades from Telefax launch the combo 2 years earlier on a desires from Franck Valayer, who has associated Francisco with the project from scratch, since both have known each others since the middle of the 90s and creation of the webzine Radio Clarknova, based on a radio program (on air on FMR, radio Férarock Toulouse)
Cedric and Franck, are quickly brought to the indie scene at that time. Together or with distance, members of Téléfax delivers poetical and auditives experimentations with complicity of Thomas Mery (Purr), Marielle Martin (Playdoh) and Mika A. (Moan,Rio Torto). Not to mention that in 2000, this young man's (from Aveyron/France) experimentation, tape recordings got him to meet people beyond the Massif Central and South West of France. Thus, Portugal and Belgium with Rio Torto (2000), with Japan Moan (1995-1998) and Texas with Honey Barbara, are already part of his world ... At a time when internet is not yet accessible by dragging the tip of the index and the founders of MySpace or other Facebook still write lines of code in a garage or on the benches of Universities of California. Digital, analogic,
human... the three basic founding of WADD Revenge that Cisco like to present as a
project "electro hip hop shoegaze".

Or why not "downtempo disco dub step" or "post-rock white jazz deviant" ? It clearly and logically add to the list of collaborations, files sharing, where Cisco began and/or gave his touch. Logical and ideas always follow when Francisco Esteves, fervant of rock, electro or hip hop, met and began to work with the Texan crew, Word Association, via internet in 2008.
Then the idea of a new project & collaboration emerged, Binary Audio Misfits, two
members from the group EXPerience from toulouse were invited, a crew born from the ashes of Diabologum. This result to an album following the lines of the famous compilation "Judgment Night" and the crossover Run DMC-Aerosmith. This turn the page for 2011 leaving a major album to

Francisco on the road once again, open a new chapter with We Are Disco Doom Revenge, enlarging his horizons. If Chief, MC/DJ pillar of Word Association and founding member of B.A.M! added with pleasure, newcomers brought ideas to Cisco's instrumentals Shoegaze-Electro-Doom-Hip-hop and every day the list get longer cause the world is a playground for artistic crossovers for this globe trotter of music.

When collaborative, meeting people and sharings resonate in unison. Between lot of examples, the album "Connect the Machine to the Lips", will be released on the 13/07/12 in digital on Kaometry records (Berlin / Valencia-Spain).


 Moan, EP, eponyme, 1995 - Moan

LP Mont Maillebiau, 1998 / DoraDorovitch /Moan

LP Rio Torto, 2000 (inedit)/Dora Dorovitch/Discograph 

Rio Torto, EP Rio Torto (Inédit)/Dora Dorovitch/Discograph

Telefax, Des courbes de choses invisibles/Dora Dorovitch/Discograph/Green ufos 

Experience, EXP, 2003"Aujourd'hui maintenant" Lithium/Virgin/Green ufos

Experience, "HémisphéreGauche" Labels/Virgin/Green ufos

Experience, "Positive karaoke with a gun"Boxson/Discograph

Experience, "Nous (en) sommes encore là"MVS/Anticraft -

BAM! Dora Dorovitch/Differant/CD1D

BAM! LP Platinum/Differant

Occupy international compilation Dalycity records

We are Disco Doom REVENGE - Connect the machine to the Lips - Kaometry records - Juillet 2012

Today, Francisco take back the road once again, and open a new chapter with We
are disco doom REVENGE, enlarging his horizons.


Francisco Esteves, aka Cisco, fait partie de ces gens qui ont de la suite dans les idées... Activiste musicien depuis plus de quinze ans, son approche musicale a toujours été large, entière, participative et son nouveau projet, We Are Disco Doom REVENGE, n'échappe à la règle.

Le numérique, l'analogique, et l'humain sont les trois piliers de WADD REVENGE que Cisco aime à présenter comme un projet "electro hip hop shoegaze". Pourquoi pas "downtempo disco dub step" ou "post-rock white jazz déviant" tant qu'on y est ? Une chose est sûre. Il s'inscrit dans la logique de la longue histoire de collaborations, de partage et d'échanges (de fichiers) qu’il a lancé ou auxquels il a apporté sa patte.

Il faut dire que Cisco est un habitué de ce genre de melting pots… membre fondateur du label Dora Dorovitch en 2001, pilier du groupe expérimental Telefax et EXPerience, cofondateur du fanzine/webzine Radio Clarknova, avant la rencontre et l’initiation du projet transatlantique Binary Audio Misfits avec le collectif texan the Word Association (2008).

Francisco reprend donc la route une nouvelle fois et ouvre aujourd'hui un nouveau chapitre avec We Are Disco Doom REVENGE, élargissant encore un peu plus son horizon.. 


Remix by we are disco doom REVENGE (francisco esteves/cédric sauvestre) for Tiger menja Zebra sonar festival promo.



Mastering by fabien salabert


We are disco doom revenge Vs Sylvain Closier - Too. feat Fishballs aka Ira lee




wandering we are disco doom REVENGE/LAUDANUM featuring Ira Lee

This song is cowritten with laudanum featuring Fishballs aka Ira Lee on vocals. Warning, this video contains some harsh imagery.


We are disco doom REVENGE - Dere dere. feat Fishballs 

Dere dere. feat Fishballs aka ira lee
from the release Connect the machine to the Lips


grimey L That girl (we are disco doom REVENGE remix Vs sylvain closier)