I had my head full

New Swordplay & Pierre the motionless Video

Wonderful Things

December 10th 2014

Video by Adrien Poux, Elise De Brouwer & Pierre the motionless


Beat by Pierre the motionless

Vocals and lyrics by Swordplay & Brzowski


Video Stream Below

"I had my head full of wonderful things but they’re all gone now. To where, I don’t know. But I know they’ll be found. "


This song is about looking into the troubles of the past in order to understand how to move forward, or in other words, how to make the most of failure.  In turn, the video focuses on turning perceived failure into improved outcomes. 


You will witness the multiple transformations of a woman and see how various elements of beauty can turn into something otherwise horrifying yet still well wishing.  You will also see the effects of the addition of layers onto a face and body, makeup first, followed by paper cut outs from magazines taking the shape of an eye and a mouth, and then again more makeup, to a point where the face begins to reject this onerous masking.


While insistently creepy, the whole thing remains beautiful, and the main character keeps a very naive aspect, climaxing into a kind of child-like dream state or selfie gallery.