Moodie Black

Some have described Moodie Black as less rap and more something else. Others describe them as the "Nine Inch Nails of Rap".


Most would agree, however, that Moodie Black is something extremely unique and sonically devastating.



The band's front, K. (C.Martinez), takes a commanding approach to emceeing and production in this newest release. A very capable lyricist and live performer, K. puts his penchant for original lyrics and monstrous production in the spotlight, stepping out as one of the most unique vocalists and producers in the scene today.


The beats are pulsating, expansive, dark, tribal, yet contemporary and industrial. Synths and pulsating drums meet distortion and Robert Smith-esque hooks.


Moodie Black make no apologies for their unorthodox approach to every aspect of the sound and live performance.