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The Barbed Wire Amphitheatre Tour

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US West Coast # June 7th - 20th 2014

Swordplay & Pierre the motionless (FR/USA)

On stage: Isaac Lyons Ramsey (MC) & Pierre De Brouwer (Beatmaker)

The music of Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless combines aggressive vocal deliveries with the sombre architecture of a beat-maker flirting between jazz and folk.

Still living under the umbrella of underground hip-hop, this unique creature bendsgenres, crosses borders and takes no prisoners.


Add these two guys' past and get more than 100 shows over 4 different continentsand collaborations with top class hip-hop artists such as Astronautalis, Ceschi,Bleubird…














Press Quotes:


“In a parallel universe where Anticon rappers from the turn of the century became thehallmark for following generations of Hip-Hop, Swordplay & Pierre the Motionless’Tap Water would have already gone gold, perhaps even platinum.”

Rhizome Project (USA)“


"Tap Water is one of the huge successes of this year and no Alt Rap fan should miss this, unless they want to be exposed to the risk of being eaten up by remorse”

Dead Magazine (DE)










Writer, producer, rapper, visual-artist and film-maker, Jamesreindeer is responsible for a vast output of creative enterprises, both collaboratory and solitary for almost ten years. Having worked tirelessly, he first launched his name on an unsuspecting public as a voice of the disaffected alt-rap underground before going on to cement his reputation with a steady slew of album releases and collaborations, whilst also managing the much-loved underground label Decorative Stamp, releasing works by artists such as A Band of Buriers, Papervehicle and Murmur Breeze. 


Jamesreindeer initially found critical acclaim with the now legendary 'It's Not Who You Know, It's Whom You Know' album, alongside long-time collaborator fbcfabric. He has subsequently worked with such greats as Son Lux [anitcon/joyfulnoise], 2econd class citizen [equinox/ninjatune], Egotronic [audiolith], and a raft of others, as well as performing live across North America and Europe, taking in such events as Glastonbury Festival, and sharing stages with the likes of Thesis Sahib, Sparklehorse, Bleubird, Gong, and Mesparrow to name but a few.














Press Quotes:


'A very British response to the sort of material you'd expect from Aesop Rock or Sage Francis...'

Undercover Magazine [UK]


Wouldn't sound out of place on Def Jux or Lex...'

DJ Magazine [UK]






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swordplay & pierre the motionless
photo by Elise De Brouwer
swordplay & pierre the motionless
photo by Elise De Brouwer
james reindeer
photo by sandra kunze
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James Reindeer (UK)

On stage: James Reindeer (MC)